Potty Training Children in 48 Hours… Fact or Myth?

Simply put,  regardless of what you may have heard from well-meaning friends and relatives. Yes, it is entirely possible to potty train your son or daughter in two days – even faster in many cases. I know this from personal experience because I’ve done it many times.

Having said this however, I will caution you that this type of success can only occur if your child is developmentally mature enough to be potty trained and if you’re prepared mentally, physically, and otherwise for the process. Following are two “must-haves” for those of you who are interested in fast-forwarding to a diaper-free household.

1. Make sure your son or daughter is physically and developmentally ready. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that most toddlers are ready to be potty trained between the ages of 18 and 27 months. They also agree – as do other experts – that developmental traits are much better indicators of potty training readiness than chronological age, so use you should consider this age range as a guide only. (If you’d like more details, read my article titled, “Potty Training Readiness Signs: Signals to Help You Decide When to Potty Train Your Child”). If you have any questions regarding your child’s developmental readiness, I strongly advise you to check with his or her pediatrician before beginning.

2. Get a trustworthy, solid accelerated plan. You’ll find all kinds of “potty-train-your-child-in-a-day” plans on the Internet. Some will promise you instant results with very little work. Don’t believe them. The truth is this – your ability to potty train your toddler in a day or two, entirely depends on your preparation, consistency, focus, and follow-through. And reliable potty training method requires that parents devote their full attention to the process. Period. Also, be sure that the system you choose is supported in practice and theory by pediatricians, child therapists, and other respected experts. Following are more helpful tips…

Your potty training method should:

  • Offer guidelines for assessing your child’s potty training readiness
  • Combine positive behavioral modifiers with supportive and nurturing techniques (e.g. no punishment for accidents)

  • Insist on one teacher (usually a parent) who will take on the bulk of the training

  • Provide detailed, step-by-step instructions and supplies list

  • Require that teachers devote full attention to the training during the specified period of time

  • Discourage the use of pull-ups and/or diapers during the potty training process.

In my many years of experience, I’ve personally helped many parents potty train their children in 24-48 hours. These toddlers came in all sizes, genders, personalities, and ages – yet, we were able to achieve the same results. Why? Because we were well prepared; carefully followed the process; devoted our full time and attention to the training; and remained steadfast and consistent. If you’re not prepared to do this as well, you’ll greatly decrease your chances of success. In other words, be prepared for the long haul – because the truth is, it will probably take you many months to potty train your child if you approach it in a “loosey-goosey” manner. It’s really that simple.

Another thing… even if your child is more advanced, I recommend that you still set aside a full 48 hours for potty training. The extra time will give you some extra “wiggle room” so you can do “the 3 Rs” – Remind, Reinforce, and Repeat! Oh, I almost forgot… you should also use the extra time to celebrate your little tot’s big achievement!

Hopefully, this has answered any lingering questions you had on the efficacy of potty training children in 48 hours (or less). The bottom line: It can be done, if you’re armed with a trustworthy, time-tested plan and you’re willing to devote the energy, focus, and support it requires. Remember this – when you’re ready, your child will be as well. Promise.

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