How Would You Like to Become Diaper Free – and Save
Hundreds of Dollars in the Process – by Potty
Training Their Child in 48 Hours or Less:
Quickly, Easily, and Joyfully?

Dear Friend,

My name is Mary E. Eule and I’ve been potty training toddlers for the past three decades. In addition to my real-life trial-and- error experiences during this time, I interviewed numerous pediatricians, child psychologists, educators, parents, and grandparents and conducted my own independent research hoping to find the very best method for potty training children.

As a result, I discovered the best-of-the-best system for potty training toddlers quickly, completely, and happily, and developed my own step-by-step guide for parents. I condensed mounds of information into a truly effective and easy-to-understand guide that takes the guesswork out of this important rite of passage for parents and their children.

Like many of you, I am a proud parent (and now grandparent of two adorable little ones!). My children, however, are grown adults – all successful in their own rights.  They are the lights of our lives and fortunately, my husband and I now experience what we call, “paydays” – that is, we’ve seen our children grow into caring, hard-working, intelligent, creative, independent, and happy adults. Even better, they invite us into their lives to share their joys, sorrows, victories, and defeats… In my mind, that’s the “pay off” for hanging in there and doing the hardest job of all – parenting.

So, as a way of thanking all of those family members and friends who supported me as I raised my rowdy brood, I’d like to return a very tiny portion of those favors by helping you.  And while I certainly don’t have advice or answers for many of the challenges you’ll face as a parent, I am sure of one thing: If you’d like – and you’re up for it – I can help you potty train your child in 48 hours or less. Promise.

Even better, I’m happy to share what I know with you free of charge. In addition to the free articles and FAQs on this website (please feel free to browse all of the resources here) you can also sign up for my 10-part potty training mini-course below. If so, you’ll receive one lesson each day for almost two weeks.

In my FREE mini-course you’ll learn…

  • How to know when your child is ready for potty training
  • Pros and cons of the four basic methods of potty training
  • How to make potty training day memorable, joyful, and most importantly, triumphant!
  • The single most important element for successful potty training
  • How parents unwittingly sabotage their children’s potty training progress
  • Extra tips for successfully potty training boys
  • What to do about potty training regression
  • How to approach potty training if your child has developmental delays or disabilities such as autism, Down’s syndrome, or cerebral palsy
  • and much more…


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